M a î t r i s e r l é b o u r g e o n n a g e : l a c l é d e x c e l l e n c e d e s v i n s d u D o m a i n e O D D O V a l l o n d e s G l a u g e s


In this pivotal springtime, disbudding is a crucial stage in the vine's life cycle. For our winemakers, this meticulous practice is of particular importance, guaranteeing the production of exceptional grapes and, consequently, wines of outstanding quality.

What is disbudding?

Disbudding, an essential viticultural technique, consists in carefully selecting the most promising buds on each vine, thus eliminating superfluous shoots. This rigorous practice is designed to optimize the aeration and sunlight of the bunches, promoting even, optimal ripening of the grapes. By limiting the number of buds, disbudding also ensures a better distribution of nutrients, concentrating essential elements on a smaller number of fruits. This meticulous approach contributes to improving grape quality and fostering a more authentic expression of terroir.

At the Domaine, we select two shoots per vine. This carefully considered strategy aims to achieve a perfect balance between the quantity and quality of the grapes harvested. Indeed, limiting the number of shoots enables the vine's energy to be concentrated on a limited number of bunches, guaranteeing exceptional aromatic concentration and wines of remarkable finesse.

Disbudding is much more than a simple cultivation technique; it's a veritable savoir-faire at Domaine ODDO Vallon des Glauges. Each gesture is carried out with precision and passion, testifying to the deep respect the winemakers have for the vines and their terroir.

So, thanks to our meticulous disbudding, wine lovers can expect to discover cuvées of exceptional quality, perfectly reflecting the unique expression of our territory.