D é b u t d e l a s a i s o n h i v e r n a l e


The month of November is over and gives way to the winter season, synonymous with the blending of grape varieties and the rest of the vines .

On the cellar side, we have continued the blending of our wines, more particularly, those of our whites and rosés . The whites, which were blended in November, were filtered a first time at the end of November, then a second time in the days to come. Our oenologist promises us even more expressive whites than the past vintage . For our rosés, we have completed the first stage. The last phase is planned for December before obtaining the final blend, which will constitute our next vintage.

On the vineyard side, we are still preparing the soils for the winter cycle, and we are repairing the trellising wires, which have the role of structuring the vine.

A first bottling of the 2022 vintage is planned in December for our whites.